Sports Camera 170 Wide Angle Lens Accessories Kit (Black)。Sports camera, Sencam 4K WiFi Ultra HD 30 meters waterproof.

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Sports camera
  • [4K HD Sports Camera] offers 4K 2K 30fps / 1080p 60fps / 1080p 30fps / 720p 120fps video resolution. The 170 wide-angle lens provides HD-free HD video, capturing every epic view and exciting moments.
  • [Waterproof depth 30 meters] The durable waterproof case can withstand a depth of up to 30 meters. Place the Sencam motion camera in a waterproof case and secure it. Then you can capture all water sports such as diving, swimming, rafting, surfing and snorkeling.
  • [2.4G Wireless Remote Control] When you ride a bicycle, gliding, zipper or skateboard, taking photos or videos is easy. Press the button on the remote control. No more trouble – Install the camera with the accessory in any position and use the remote to capture your movements.
  • [Multiple Stands and Accessories] With a variety of fascinating brackets and accessories, the camera can be used to shoot a variety of sports such as cycling, motorcycle, driving, running, climbing, diving, skiing and snorkeling.
  • [WiFi and APP Control] Compatible with IOS devices and Android devices. Scan the QR code in the manual and download the “NTK Cam” app. Easily control your camera and manage photos and videos on your phone. Save and share these moments anytime, anywhere.

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Description Action Camera, Sencam 4K WiFi Ultra HD 30 Meter Waterproof Sports Camera 170 Wide Angle Lens Accessories Kit (Black)

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Package Contents:

★1x Secam DLK V38 Camera

★1x Waterproof Case

★1x 2.4G Remote Control

★2x 900mAh Battery

★4x Mount

★1 x Protective Backdoor

★1x USB Cable

★1x Manual


Display:2.0’IPS LCD

WideAngle Lens: 170 degree

Waterproof:Up to 100 Feet (30m)

Resolutionof Photos: 16M/12M/8M/5M

Storage:  compatible with 8GB~32GB or selected up to64GB capacity micro SD (not included in package)

Battery:900mAh Rechargable Li-ion battery (Detachable)

Input/Output:Micro USB / HDMI

Timewatermark: ON/OFF

PowerSource Interface: 5V


♥Keep it distance from anystrong magnetic interference objects like electrical machine to avoid strongradio waves that might be damaging the product and affect the sound or imagequality.

♥We recommend using highquality Micro SD Card for the best results. Please format the micro SD,microSDHC and micro SDXC memory card on the camera before using and restart thecamera after formatting.

♥In case of overheating,unwanted smoke or unpleasant smell from the device, unplug it immediately fromthe power outlet to prevent hazardous fire.